• We use the personal data shared by you (title, name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, bank details, credit card number) according to the provisions of German data protection law.
  • Your personal data, insofar as it is required for establishing, forming the content of or changing the contractual relationship (user-related data), shall only be used to process the contracts of sale concluded between us, and possibly for delivery of the goods to the address given by you. Use of your user-related data going beyond this for purposes of advertising, market research or for a design of our offers tailored to suit a market need requires your express consent. You have the possibility to give this consent before making your order. This declaration of consent is made entirely voluntarily and can be withdrawn by you at any time.
  • Your personal data which is necessary in order to enable and invoice our offers (usage data) shall also only be used to process the contracts of sale concluded between us. Such usage data are in particular the features to identify you as user, information about the beginning and end as well as the extent of the respective use and information concerning the teleservices claimed by you as user. We shall moreover use such usage data for the purposes of advertising, market research or the design of our teleservices tailored to meet a market need to compile user profiles using pseudonyms. You are entitled and have the possibility to object to this use of your usage data.
  • With the inclusion of these general terms and conditions in the sale of goods contracts, the customer gives his revocable consent to receive advertising from the company as an e-mail newsletter. The consent can be withdrawn at any time. The processing of orders is not dependent on this consent.
  • The company guarantees by means of appropriate technical and organisational measures that unauthorised third parties have neither insight nor access to the “internal” user-related data, provided that this is technically possible and reasonable. Shaghafi GmbH deals with goods, not with addresses.
  • Insofar as you would like further information or want to recall or revoke the consent you expressly gave for use of your user-related data or you want to object to the use of your usage data, our support is also provided for you at the email address